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1006 S Olive Street | Los Angeles, CA 90015 

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One-Time Classes

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope you understand that we have canceled all one-time classes for the next two weeks. Please sign up for our classes starting back up in April.


If you've never tried throwing clay or handbuilding before, we offer two different one-time classes for you to try. In all one-time classes you'll get a feel for centering clay on the wheel, drilling down and opening it up into your own piece of artwork. Those that offer handbuilding teach you to build a pot or vase using the slab technique. Select from five glaze options and we will fire and finish your pieces for pickup in about 3 weeks. Choose from:


One-Time Potter's Wheel: Offered on Fridays 6-8PM, Saturdays from 12-2PM and Sundays from 2-4PM.   


One-Time Wheel & Handbuilding: Offered on Thursdays from 4-6PM or on Sundays from 11-1PM.