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1006 S Olive Street | Los Angeles, CA 90015 

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Weekly Potter's Wheel Classes

We offer a series of weekly classes where you will learn and practice the techniques used to throw, trim and glaze functional ware created on the potter's wheel. Our weekly classes also include an additional two hours of Open Studio time each week.


Weekly classes are filled with combinations of beginners and those who have some experience, but it's been a while. For those with experience, we also offer studio memberships.

Times:  Tue 6:00-8:30PM     Thurs 7-9:30PM     Sat 3-5:30PM   

Classes on a Weekly Schedule - Although we recommend you start at the beginning of the month, during our start up phase you may start any week during the month. You should be able to book classes up until they start. We have had issues with the software we use, so call us at 213-537-8050 if you have trouble booking.