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Introductory Courses

We offer introductory courses in both handbuilding and potter's wheel. In our Potter's Wheel Basics courses, you will learn and practice the techniques used to throw, trim and glaze functional ware working on the potter's wheel. Our handbuilding courses cover the basic methods of building ceramic pieces by hand - Slab & Pinch or Coil Techniques. Basic skills are covered in depth, and online registration is required to attend.


Learning a new skill takes practice. We offer you the opportunity to come in during open studio times when you register for a six-week course. More information can be found here: Student Practice.  Courses meet once a week for six weeks and each class is two hours long.


Weekly classes are filled with combinations of beginners and those who have some experience, but it's been a while. For those with experience, we also offer Continuing Courses as well as studio memberships. If the course you want to take is full this coming session, consider exploring a different topic in the meantime. 

For safety precautions we keep our garage door open for air flow. Please dress warmly if the weather is looking chilly.


2024 SESSION START DATES: August 5th, September 16th, October 28th

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