Creativity Kit

What's included:


  • 8 pounds of clay
  • Tool rental (needle tool, wire brush, metal rib, sculpting tool, slip, brush, slabmat)
  • Plastic wrap (to control the moisture)
  • Instructions (no experience is necessary)
  • Follow along video link
  • Pick up and drop off the kit at Throw Clay LA
  • Glazing and firing done by Throw Clay LA
  • Email notification when pieces are ready for pickup


How this works:


Once you order, instructions will arrive by email. Pick up your kit at Throw Clay LA then create all week - cups, plates, trays or planters. You will design the surfaces, cut-out the shapes, assemble the forms. There's no limit to your imagination. You can keep it simple by making slab-built cups, chose more advanced templates, or pinch-pot the afternoon away.


You select your glaze colors the 8 choices we provide. (You'll carve your initials and glaze color abbreviation on bottom of each piece). Keep the kit for up to one week, then return it along with the work you created. We bisque and glaze fire the work and will send you an email when your work comes out of the kiln and is ready for pick up.


Creativity Kit