Open Studio Day Pass

An Open Studio Day Pass may be purchased by visiting potters with experience for $35. You must be comfortable throwing or hand building on your own, without instruction. Potters who purchase an Open Studio Day Pass must know at a minimum how to wedge clay, get centered and pull a cylinder if working on the wheel. Hand builders must know the basics of the technique they are using. If you have no experience working with clay, we suggest signing up for a one-time class.


  • Valid for 1 day during Open Studio hours (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat & Sun 1:30pm-7pm).

  • Access to studio equipment (potter’s wheels, slab roller, extruder) and tools.

  • Each day pass includes a $10 firing credit. 

  • Clay used must be purchased at the studio. We sell around 10 different cone 6 clay bodies, which range from $17-$24 per 25 pound bag.

  • Potters who need to trim or glaze their work on future days may store their work on a shelf at the studio. A new day pass must be purchased each day a day pass user works in the studio. 

  • Day pass users may have their work fired at Throw Clay LA for the following rates: 



  • Full Glaze Kiln: $250

  • Full Bisque Kiln: $200



  • Bisque Fire Per Cubic Inch: $.025

  • Glaze** Fire Per Cubic Inch: $.03

  • Studio Glazes Per Cubic Inch: $.015


* - Weights taken post firing.

** - Potters who wish to use their own glazes may do so, but must provide documentation that their glazes are cone 5/6.

Open Studio Day Pass

  • Potters purchasing a Day Pass are required to read and agree to the information on our Terms & Conditions page.