Spotlight Courses

We have introduced three spotlight classes. These classes will let you geek out for six weeks around an essential set of techniques, methods, and skills. For the first round, we are delighted to offer a class on surface decoration for pottery, one on making a small set of dinnerware, and one on smaller form hand-built clay sculptures. In each of these classes, a student can grow their skills by drilling down on techniques like sgraffito or throwing off the hump or learning how to shape their clay into unique angles. These courses are for students confident in their throwing, centering, trimming & glazing skills.

These classes are designed to engage and support a range of makers, from the recently arrived potter to the more seasoned ceramicist.  They are the ideal place for those who want to learn more about a certain area of ceramics while making something beautiful. Unlike our other courses, these do not repeat each session.

Note: We keep our garage door open for air flow. Please dress warmly if the weather is looking chilly.