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Private Events & Team Building


We look forward to helping your group discover, learn and inspire through the art of pottery.


Throw Clay LA is a connected space in Downtown LA perfect for team building events for your organization or private celebrations with a group of friends. Our studio offers custom events, classes and memberships for adults.


Fill out our form below with your event/class information. Or drop by to check out the studio and talk to us about your plans. We'll work with you to develop an event that accomplishes your group goals while making sure everyone has fun. We look forward to hosting you in the studio.

Pricing Information:

  Up to 7 People                              $700

  7-10 People (per person)              $100

  11-15 People (per person)            $95

  16-20 People (per person)            $90

  20+ People (handbuilding only)  $90 up to 20, $60 after                                                      

Private Event Inquiry


Whether an off-site creative team event, a birthday celebration or just a group
of friends looking for a fun night out together - we are here to help you make a
memorable event. Please fill out the form below and we will send you more
detailed information about our team building classes and private events.
Please note that our private events and one-time classes are designed for
adults. If the age range of your group is between 13 and 17, please inquire.
We are not set up to teach kids under 13. Plan ahead - we have limited times
available for private events, so give us as many weeks ahead as you can.

Thanks for reaching out to Throw CLay LA about your event. We'll be in touch shortly.

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