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Become a Pottery Studio Member at Throw Clay LA

Throw Clay LA garage window.
Throw Clay La handbuilt pot.
Throw Clay LA thrown vase.
Thrown pots with pottery books.

As a pottery studio member, you'll find that Throw Clay LA offers a welcoming and creative environment with numerous benefits. A studio membership offers a unique blend of creative, social, and skill-building opportunities that are both fulfilling and fun.


  • Members should have previous pottery experience and be able to work as a pottery studio member independently. This means they have the ability to make, trim, and glaze without needing any instruction.

  • If you are over 18, we look forward to talking with you about becoming a pottery studio member at Throw Clay LA. 


We offer two pricing options based on shelf size: $165 or $190 per month. Additionally, we charge a glaze firing fee of $1 per pound, which is assessed when your piece is "kiln ready" for glaze firing. Bisque firing is free.

Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited open studio use 7 days a week during our extended member hours.

  • Large 48"x 24” private shelf space to store all your tools and work.

  • Pottery studio member discounts on studio courses.

  • Free Member Clinics on a variety of topics to develop your skills.

  • An annual studio sale event dedicated to member wares.

  • Two free members-only single session workshops per year.

  • Social afternoons and evenings hosted by the studio.


Studio Equipment:

  • Shimpo VL-Whisper potter’s wheels.

  • North Star slab roller and Big Blue extruder.

  • Sizeable hand building area and plenty of worktables.

  • One 40 cubic foot Geil Gas kiln (staff run).

  • Three Skutt electric kilns (staff run).

  • A wide range of clays for purchase from local suppliers.

  • More than 25 glazes (studio & commercial).

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff available in studio.

  • We are a cone 6 studio.


Sign Up:

We invite you to schedule a time to come by so you get to know a bit about us. To arrange a visit and talk about becoming a pottery studio member at Throw Clay LA, please fill out the form below and we'll find a mutually convenient time for you to come in - sign-ups are handled in the studio. (If you're already participating in our classes, feel free to speak with us directly in the studio.)

Request a time to come and tour...

Take a moment to tell us about your experience with clay. If you have links to examples of your work, please include them. We can't wait to see what you create!

We'd love to see your work if you can upload an image...

Upload File

We look forward to showing you Throw Clay LA!

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