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Discover Pottery Classes & Courses in Los Angeles

Pottery is an art form that allows you to see immediate results. If you are exploring the art for the first time, we offer one-time wheel or handbuilding classes. Our six- week courses are offered at both introductory and more in-depth continuing levels. We offer both Wheel and Handbuilding courses in the studio. (More details below...)

One-Time Class - A Clay Experience

Discover the all the fun of creating pottery with our one-time wheel or handbuilding classes in Los Angeles. Create two unique pieces as you learn the basics and build on your skills. At the end of the class, choose your glaze colors, and we'll take care of trimming, glazing, and firing. You'll receive a "ready for pickup" email within 3 to 5 weeks once your pieces are cool enough to unload from the kiln.

We've designed our one-time pottery classes to provide personal attention and an exceptional first-time experience. Our instructors ensure you feel comfortable and supported throughout the process. The video above gives you a glimpse of what to expect when you visit our studio. While our instruction is tailored for adults, teens ages 13-17 are welcome to join if accompanied by an adult taking the same class.

Introductory Courses - Learn the Steps to Make Functional Ware

Our six-week, fun-filled pottery courses provide the opportunity to develop the ceramic skills necessary to become a member of the studio. At Throw Clay LA, our creative instructors teach the skill of pottery making through six-week Throwing and Handbuilding pottery courses. Throwing on the potter's wheel spins and shapes clay into versatile cylinders, ready to be transformed into bowls, mugs, platters, or planters. Our handbuilding courses let you experiment with slab, coil, and pinch building techniques, allowing you to explore and craft as you develop your individual artistic style.

Our introductory throwing and handbuilding pottery courses are comprehensive and teach you the basic form and function of ceramics, as well as techniques for trimming pottery, preparing your pieces for the kiln, and basic glazing processes.

Continuing Throwing & Handbuilding Courses - Next Level Instruction

Continuing Throwing and Handbuilding pottery courses are designed to hone your pottery skills as you develop your artistic style. Designed for our members and potters with experience, these courses center on expanding your essential set of techniques, methods, and skills. All courses come with free Student Practice Time during the week, allowing you to experiment in the studio with the techniques you are learning in your course.

We keep our garage door open for airflow during our classes and courses. Please dress warmly if the weather is looking chilly.

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