Book a One-Time Pottery Class

We offer two different One-Time classes - handbuilding (creative pottery) and throwing (potter's wheel). Plan ahead - classes typically book full two to three weeks out. Creative Pottery class is on Tuesdays, Potter's Wheel classes are held Sunday mornings, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Saturday morning we offer a One-Time class that combines both methods.


Our One-Time classes cost $75 and run two hours. During class the instructor will walk you through the steps to create two pieces - once to teach you how, and a second time to let you practice what you've learned. At the end of class, select from our glaze options and we will fire and finish your pieces. Once your pieces are ready for pickup, we'll notify you by email - typically about 3-4 weeks. 


The classes are designed for adults, but teens under 18 may join a class if accompanied by an adult taking the class.

​​Video courtesy of American Bar Association, shot and edited by Ezra Spurrier.

Book a One-Time Class

Dec 11 - Dec 17















ONE-TIME POTTER'S WHEEL - Never thrown? Haven't since high school? Our fun one-time wheel class walks you through turning a piece of clay into a piece of pottery to treasure. In class, our instructor teaches the techniques for throwing on the wheel. You will have the opportunity to create two pieces on the potter's wheel. At the end of class you will select glaze colors for your pieces and we'll take care of the rest - two firings and applying your glaze choice. The video below lets you know what to expect when you come to the studio for the first time.


ONE-TIME CREATIVE POTTERY - Experience the flexibility of handbuilding through slab techniques. Sign up for the project of your choice as we offer a new project for each week in the month.

  • Week 1 of the Month - 2 appetizer trays - entertain your friends

  • Week 2 of the Month - 2 pots for your favorite plants

  • Week 3 of the Month - 2 coffee mugs - make that tea if you wish

  • Week 4 of the Month - 2 artisan candle holders made by you

  • Week 5 of the Month - Rare and so a SURPRISE! Instructors choice, it will be a studio favorite project.


Saturday mornings we offer a class that lets you try both creative techniques - one thrown, one handbuilt. We encourage you to try both wheel and creative pottery, and sign up for a six-week course once you know which form is your favorite.