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One-Time Pottery Classes
$85 - Two Pieces of Pottery

Experience the fun of creating with clay! Our one-time classes are perfect for beginners or those looking for a quick refresher. Guided by our experienced instructors, you'll get a feel for working with clay and all you can do on the potter's wheel or by handbuilding with slabs. Booking's a breeze via our calendar below - we are currently booking out about 2 weeks, so plan ahead. Looking for more details? Scroll on down past the booking calendar for a video and detailed information.

We offer One-Time Classes every day but Wednesdays. Dates with space available are shown with a dot.

Book a One-Time Class

​​Video courtesy of American Bar Association, shot and edited by Ezra Spurrier.

About Our One-Time Classes


In class we will guide you through each step as you create 2 pieces - getting to make a second piece really lets you build on the techniques you've learned with the first piece. At the end of class you'll choose your glaze colors. Then we take it from there as we trim, glaze, and fire each piece. You'll get a "ready for pickup" email from us as soon as your pieces are cool enough to unload from the kiln - typically 3 to 5 weeks.


We have designed our classes so that our instructors give you personal attention and an exceptional first-time experience. The video above lets you know what to expect when you come by our studio. Instruction is designed for adults, however teens ages 13-17 may join if there is an adult with them taking the same class. 


(We like all participants to know that when working with clay there is a chance a pot may face challenges during firing. We try our best to make it right for you on the off chance this should happen to your piece.)


Suggestion: plan ahead - classes typically book full early, especially on a weekend.


  • Potter's Wheel classes: you'll make 2 pieces on the wheel. 

  • Wheel + Handbuilding classes: you'll make 1 piece on the wheel and 1 by handbuilding. (Sunday afternoons.)


POTTER'S WHEEL - In class, our instructor teaches the steps for throwing on the wheel - throwing, centering, drilling down, and pulling up the walls. Once you've tried a one-time class, consider taking a six-week course where you learn to wedge, trim and glaze your own work.


HANDBUILDING - Experience the flexibility of handbuilding through slab techniques in our Wheel + Handbuilding class on Fridays or Sundays. Looking for more handbuilding classes? Sign up for one of our six-week handbuilding courses - Introduction to Coil Building or Techniques in Slab and Pinch.

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