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Pottery Studio Permissions at Throw Clay LA

Throw Clay LA Pottery Studio Permissions: Safety & Restrictions

  1. As you are learning to use the equipment, be sure to follow the instructions and safety recommendations of your teacher.

  2. Do not use any equipment you are unfamiliar with.

  3. Students are not to operate the kiln(s), nor transfer the work they contain.

  4. Tie long hair back while working on the potter’s wheel.

  5. Remove jewelry from hands and wrists so they won’t interfere with your work or catch on equipment.

  6. In 6-week courses, students have five days after their last class to finish any trimming and up to two weeks to complete any glazing. It is the student's responsibility to pick up all completed work from Throw Clay LA no later than 4 weeks after the student’s final 6-week class. Throw Clay LA is not responsible for any 6-week classwork left longer than 4 weeks.

  7. Pottery made in One-Time classes is ready for pickup in 3 to 5 weeks. You will be notified by email - we suggest checking your spam folder if it's been longer than 5 weeks. Friends who came to class together may get notifications a week or more apart - this is normal. (Call and check only if it's been more than 5 weeks from the day you took class.)

  8. We like all participants to know that when working with clay there is a chance a pot may face challenges during firing. We try our best to make it right for you on the off chance this should this happen to your piece.

  9. One-Time class participants are responsible for picking up pottery on time. It is the participant's responsibility to check their spam for Throw Clay LA notifications. Any pieces remaining 15 days after your second email notification will be considered abandoned and will no longer available for pick up.  

  10. One-Time classes are adult classes unless specified as a kids' class. Children ages 13-17 may attend a One-Time class if they are accompanied by an adult taking the same class. Six-week courses are for adults 18 and over.


Throw Clay LA Pottery Studio Permissions: Waiver

By completing a booking, it is acknowledged there are risks involved in using the equipment at Throw Clay LA, 1006 S Olive St., Los Angeles, 90015. I/we are participating voluntarily, and risks above under ‘Throw Clay LA Safety & Restrictions’ have been made clear. There are no conditions that increase the likelihood of injury while engaging in Throw Clay LA activities.

In consideration of participation in activities at Throw Clay LA studio, Throw Clay LA, management, instructors and employees, including its agents, representatives, successors, or assignees, are hereby released from all liabilities, actions, claims, damages, demands, costs, and expenses now and in the future that may be held against them, arising out of or in any way connected with activities in the studio, including travel to or from the studio.

It is also understood that this waiver includes, but is not limited to, any claims that are based on alleged negligence or any other action or inaction of any of the above parties. It is understood that the waiver includes, but is not limited to, all injuries to me and or loss of any personal property.

Throw Clay LA Pottery Studio Permissions: Media Release

Throw Clay LA has my permission to use my image and pottery in its social media, video, or print materials. If you do not want to approve this media release, email before class and let your instructor know before class begins. 

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