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One Time Class Information

We suggest you screenshot this information for easy reference. 


1. Enter information below carefully as we use it to label your piece. We will notify you by email when your pottery is ready for pick up:

  • each potter uses their own name and their own email address - no duplicate names/emails please or you will be left wondering whose pottery is ready for pickup.

  • use the same name on this form that is on your piece​ - they must match.

2. Regarding pick up:

  • Firing your pieces takes 3-5 weeks. We send two emails. We only keep pottery for six-weeks following your first email, the second email is only sent as a reminder for those who haven't picked-up. Pick up early!

  • One-Time class participants are responsible for picking up pottery on time.

  • Try not to call or text ahead. We are a busy studio and the email system works! Be patient and wait for your notice to pick up your pottery.

  • Pottery is not fired by class, but rather how it fits into the kiln. If you are picking up for a friend and they have not received an email, their pottery is not ready for pick-up yet.

  • Check to make sure email from is not going to spam.

  • Any pieces remaining 15 days after we send your second email notification will be considered abandoned and donated to the kiln gods.

Numer of Pieces Completed
Reviews are never solicited, but always much appreciated. If you don't mind, how did you hear about Throw Clay LA?

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