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Continuing Pottery Education at Throw Clay LA

Six-Week Pottery Courses: Hone Your Skills with Our Continuing Pottery Education

As you continue to learn to throw centered forms and build with slab, pinch, and coils, our throwing and handbuilding pottery courses will guide you in developing your pottery skills. Through a series of six 2-hour classes, you will expand your abilities by learning techniques involved in creating more complicated forms in the studio. Whether you continue to learn to throw or focus on specific topics through a Spotlight Course, our continuing pottery education offers a comprehensive approach to skill enhancement.

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​Expand Your Pottery Skills

In our continuing pottery education, specific skills are covered in depth, including:

  • Advanced throwing techniques on the potter's wheel for intricate forms.

  • Detailed handbuilding methods such as slab construction, coiling, and pinch techniques.

  • Surface decoration, advanced glazing techniques, and various firing processes to achieve unique finishes.


Free Student Practice Time

Student Practice Time is an integral part of our continuing pottery education courses. Extra time in the studio allows you to experiment and work on the techniques you learn in your course. 

Course Details

Continuing pottery courses are designed for students who have taken introductory courses and are comfortable using the studio. Talk with your instructor if you have questions about enrollment in any of these topics.

All courses in our Continuing Pottery Education cost $295 for a 6-week session ($49). The fee includes clay, glazes, and the use of studio equipment and tools. Continuing Pottery Education courses are designed for adults, and students must be 18 or over to register.

SESSION 6 BEGINS: August 5th

2024 SESSION START DATES: September 16th, October 28th

Note: We keep our garage door open for airflow. Please dress warmly if the weather is chilly.

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